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Full Movie: Money Talks

Money Talks

No one likes to clean up the bigger the house, the more work, and the more help needed. Fortunately, there are people in this world who are dealing with professional cleaning and whose assistance with a cleanup can be provided for a reasonable payment, of course. Young and sexy Sara Kay, in addition to making money at VR Porn, is one of these people she is a cleaning lady and a maid. You let her go into the house, tell her what to do, get a paycheck, and the young girl goes to work. You have your years already and you rarely have the opportunity to look at such a young, rather scantily dressed girl leaning and bending in front of you. It does not take long for your dick to get hard in boxers and you decide to do something about it. You take it in your hand and start jerking off under the kitchen table, watching her work and hoping she will not notice it but you are unlucky! Sara notices what you are doing, gets mad and immediately stops working and wants to get out of your house whos gonna clean it all up now? You explain to the girl that you did not want to offend her, that you really liked her and that you might be able to get along somehow She could use some money, right? After all, it is Virtual Reality Porn, so maybe she could help you out with your hard cock for some extra money She doesnt like your proposal at first, but when you propose the right price, the girl agrees to have a quickie with you. We all know that money talks, so youre not surprised that she finally agreed. The girl leaves your broom on the ground and grabs another hard thing into her hand

Released:Mar 13, 2019
Length:36 min

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