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Cybernetic Pleasure

In this remastered DDFNetworkVR release you are a rich business man who is just receiving your order of a state of the art Cybernetic Pleasure bot. Her name is Kitana X aka Kitana Lure and you will get to experience her highly skilled sexual prowess in 3D 180 Virtual Reality and hear her moans of excitement as if she's right in the room with you with the newly added 360 Binaural Sound!

This VRPorn masterpiece will catapult you into the future as you fuck this Busty Blonde Cyber Babe in every which way possible and as she sucks and deep throats your cock to rock hard perfection.

Bust out your VR Gear and load this XXX VR video up with your PSVR, oculus, htc vive or any other VR device you have available and get ready for a hardcore sex fantasy to come to life!

Released:Aug 29, 2019
Length:37 min

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