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Full Movie: Geo-Spermal Energy

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Full Movie: Geo-Spermal Energy

Geo-Spermal Energy

You work for one of the largest energy providers in the northern hemisphere and today you're at a conference about developments within geothermal energy. Sounds like it could be interesting, but in reality, you've never been so damn bored in your life. Looking across the aisle, you see "Human Resources Ashley", as you call her, looking equally stultified. You pass by and drop her a note and within 5 minutes, the two of you are in the bathroom together. You didn't expect it to work, but today's your lucky day, because this girl is a real nympho. Within just a few minutes, you're rootin' her from behind and by the time the next lecture is starting, you're blowing your load all over her pretty face. You're already looking forward to next year.

Released:Jul 27, 2020
Length:31 min

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