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Full Movie: Colombia Experience, The

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Full Movie: Colombia Experience, The

Colombia Experience, The

Bienvenidos a Colombia, amigo. The sun is out and the sun is hot. But you didn't pay $6,000 dollars to soak up that South American sun. Oh no. You signed up for a long weekend at Izzy Lush's sex and spa villa. This hot Colombian hostess couldn't be more welcoming. As soon as you arrive, she plants a big kiss upon your lips and asks whether you want to start with a traditional homemade Colombian meal or a sex session. Hmmm. Decisions decisions. Go ahead and let Izzy suck and fuck you like the good little slut she is. She will absolutely make you feel as though you got your moneys worth. And afterward, you'll have some steaming hot cuchuco waiting for you. Then you can repeat the whole process over and over again. Colombia is a hell of a place

Released:Sep 17, 2020
Length:45 min

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